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New Software Program Enables Providers to "Chronicle Diabetes".
UPDI presentes Chronicle at ADA Scientific Sessions.
Chronicle in use at 19 UPMC PRIDE sites.


Standards-based DSME documentation

Chronicle Diabetes is a system allowing health care professionals caring for patients with diabetes to assess, document, and generate reports regarding their medical care, education and metabolic management. This web-based system provides tools that diabetes self-management education (DSME) providers can use to provide a continuum of care. The clinical methodology of Chronicle is based on published ADA standards as well as NCQA requirements.

DSME Tools

Documentation, management and reporting

The DSME providers' component includes an array of tools for assisting providers in the administration of a DSME program. Chronicle provides electronic medical record features including a complete patient manager, clinical data documentation, and full medications list. Additionally a standards-based behavior change objectives component guides educators through the process of establishing, documenting, and reviewing patient's behavior change objectives. Initial assessment information to determine a patients educational needs can be gathered from patients prior to their educational session by using the web-based patient portal. After the 1-to-1 or group/class education session is complete, all aspects of the education can be documented in a format that meets the requirements of the ADA Education Recognition. A class scheduler streamlines the process of creating classes, sending invitations, recording attendance, documenting education, and providing follow up.

DSME users have customizable letter writing tools, allowing the easy creation of individualized patient letters, similar to the "mail merge" feature of Microsoft Word. An array of built-in reports allows users to generate individual patient reports, class rosters, practice-wide reports, and numerous other helpful reports. Integrated into all aspects of Chronicle are notices and alerts to help providers manage due dates, be prompted for next steps, and improve compliance with ADA ERP and NCQA standards.


Secure, HIPAA-compliant

All data is stored securely in a HIPAA-compliant manner and restricted based on access privileges. A HIPAA Business Associates Agreement is signed with each facility. All data access is recorded and a full audit trail can be produced.

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Chronicle Diabetes was originally developed by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Flipside Media. This research was partially sponsored by funding from the United States Air Force administered by the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, Fort Detrick, Maryland, Award Number W81XWH-04-2-0030.